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Girlfriends week-end Hunt

Part 2

Girlfriends weekend hunt part 2

I blink my eyes as the alarm buzzes annoyingly. Time to get up and find and finish Lisa. I had set the alarm for before daybreak, so I could have a last go at Alison before setting out after Lisa. It was just so much fun raping her in all 3 holes yesterday after I had bagged her that I really wanted to do it all over again. After I had Lisa I would need to get on with slaughtering both of them and taking my trophies . . . too bad, Alison was such a lovely fuck that I thought about keeping her as a little fuck-pet, but no, I wanted their trophies, BOTH Alison and Lisa. But I thought as I quickly got out of bed and dressed, I know I WILL have time to rape poor Alison again this morning.

I dressed hurriedly and went out for another go at Alison. I knew I would be in a hurry, so I just strapped on my dildo over my shorts. She was beautiful, just hanging there shivering with the cold . . . and FEAR. When she saw me with my strap-on her eyes started to flow with tears. She was still immobilized by the drug I had shot into her with the tranquilizer dart, so she couldnt put up any resistance, even though she would see and FEEL everything I did to her. I let her down from the from her hanging position and draped her inert, but conscious form face down over a butcher block table that was nearby, with her head hanging off one end of the table; her legs off the other. I spread those lovely legs apart and plunged my strap-on hard and deep into her pussy. I fucked her hard and rough and soon she was slippery with her pussy juice. Then, going around to her face, I grabbed her hair and lifted her face up, admiring it briefly. Tears flowed from her eyes down her face, and her mouth hung slack and open. “What a beautiful trophy shell make”, I thought, and I bent down and kissed her full lips and licked at her lovely, salty tears, then plunged my strap-on into her open mouth and deep down her throat. I held her by the hair as I throat-fucked her relentlessly, then forced my long, hard dildo deep into her throat and held it there. I saw fresh tears spring from her eyes as she rolled them around wildly, a desperate look in them. I knew she couldnt breathe and for a moment I was tempted to just let her choke to death on my plastic cock. I savored her agony for a moment more then slid out and let her take a deep breath, and gasp for more air. Then back around behind, and pressing my dildo against her pink little ass hole, slid it easily into her. It was so slippery wet from pussy juice and saliva it slid deep into her easily, and I pumped in and out hard and rough, slamming against her pretty, plump ass. Then back to her pussy, then another round of her pussy, her mouth, her ass. Finally I realized that some time had passed, more than I had intended to spend at this. Damn that Alison, she was just too sexy and tempting. “Maybe just before I slaughter her Ill fuck her some more”, I thought, but now I had to get going. I quickly hoisted Alison up on the butchering beam again, spreading her legs a bit wider this time. I slipped my strap-on off and just tossed it onto the butcher block, after looking at my watch I realized I really had to hurry and bag Lisa too. I grabbed my dart gun and set out. Damn my silly impulse of “fairness” in setting a timer on my OWN collar . . . “stupid, STUPID”, I thought now.

I hoped Lisa had stayed near the lodge, if not I might have a real problem. I picked up her trail easily though, and it led straight toward a river and swampy area nearby that I knew from yesterday was a dead end. Now I felt better. After a short time I saw that the trail was fresher and very clear now, and I thought I heard sounds ahead. Time to be careful now, she was nearby. I came out into a clear area and saw her just a few yards ahead of me. She spotted me at about the same time and froze, knowing that she was trapped. I smiled as I aimed at one of her luscious breasts and slowly pulled the trigger. Nothing happened, and I pulled the trigger again. Again nothing. SHIT! . . . the gun had jammed. I grabbed another dart from my pouch and hurriedly opened the dart gun, cleared the jam and put a new dart into the chamber. As I did this I momentarily took my eyes off of Lisa, and just as I looked up to take aim again I felt something hit me in the gut and slam me to the ground. Damn that little bitch, she had head-butted me and knocked the wind out of me for a few seconds. Well, she still had her hands cuffed behind her and I knew where the dart gun had fallen. I rolled over and started to crawl to reach for the gun, but Lisa had kicked it out of my reach. I had a brief flash of concern, but I KNEW Id still get the little bitch. Somehow though, even with arms cuffed behind her back she had dropped to the ground and gotten her hands on the gun. She grabbed it and kept scrambling away from me and somehow got to her feet and held onto the gun behind her back. Now I WAS worried! I dont know how she managed it but she got off a shot, and my heart sank as I felt the dart pierce my ass. In a few seconds I lay face-down on the ground, paralyzed and helpless. “Oh DAMN that bitch Lisa”, I thought, but I was frightened too.

I couldnt see her now but I felt her feeling around in the pouch where I had the keys to the collars and to her cuffs. It took her a while, but she fished them out and after some struggling, she freed herself. I felt her foot roll me over so that I faced up, and then I saw her. She had freed herself completely, and although she was totally naked she was smiling broadly. She knelt down straddling me, with her pussy right in front of my face. Then she grabbed my hair to hold my head still as she slapped my face hard, then again and again, and HARDER. Finally tears blurred my eyes and ran down my cheeks as she said, “Well Erica, you cheating bitch, I guess you will get whats coming to you”. I wanted to explain to her how I had tried to make it fair by putting that shock collar on myself, but of course I couldnt say a word, just lie there staring at her and drooling. But when I thought about the collar my heart leaped with terror. MY collar would be going off shortly, and it would be just like Lisa to just let me lie there and slowly be electrocuted. My eyes began to fill with tears . . . but then she did a surprising thing . . . she kneeled over my and unlocked my collar. Well, I wouldnt be getting shocked, but . . .

She didnt say anything else, just began to strip off my shorts and blouse. She just tossed the blouse into the weeds, but she slipped on my shorts and belted them up. Now I was the naked one. She took the ropes I had brought and tied my ankles together, then began to drag me back to the lodge. I knew shed hang me up next to Alison, and then . . .

It wasnt far and soon we were back. She dragged me over to the butchering area right under Alison. I wondered what SHE thought as she saw me in this predicament. I was wondered if Lisa would set her free, they HAD been friends, after all . . . and I knew that Alison was wondering, HOPING, the same thing. Just then Lisa saw my discarded strap-on lying on the butcher block, and Im sure she realized what had happened. She grinned widely and said, “well ladies, I guess its MY turn for some fun now”.

Lisa laid me across the butcher block, face up and spread my legs apart. Then she lowered Alison down from the butchering frame and laid her on top of me, but with Alison face-down. She faced us top-to-bottom so that my face was right below Alisons pretty pussy and her face lay right against my pubis just above my pussy. We both knew what was coming as Lisa strapped on the huge dildo. She began on my mouth, deep-throating me until I thought I would choke to death, then moved the dildo up to Alisons pussy and started to slam it deep into her. I could see everything, facing Alisons pussy as I was and soon the dildo was a wet, slippery mess what with my saliva and Alisons pussy juice all over it. She then moved up again, to Alisons little puckered ass-hole and plunged into her poor ass hard, deep and rough. I could feel her slamming into poor Alison over and over again. Then she moved around to our other end and I could feel the dildo in my pussy pounding and slamming deep into me. Of course I would have been screaming, and so would Alison Im sure, if we werent immobilized by the tranquilizer drug that we had been shot with. It was a drug that would keep its effects on its victim until the antidote was administered, hours, days even. As it was, all we could do was cry silently as the tears streamed down our faces. Then I felt Lisa slip the dildo out of me, and I could feel that she was throat-fucking Alison. After a time of this, she slammed into my ass. I would certainly have screamed then if I had been able, the pain was unbelievable.

I dont know how long Lisa kept fucking Alison and I, but she went on and on. Finally she had been satisfied with her relentless raping of her two hunt victims, and she unstrapped the dildo and threw it onto the butcher block again. I felt the straps around my ankles tighten, then my legs pulled up. Lisa was hoisting me into the butchering frame, and soon I hung there head down, my legs spread painfully wide. I could then feel and glimpse occasionally her doing the same to Alison. We hung there side by side, just two pieces of meat now. My stomach clenched and fluttered with fear at the thought that I would soon be butchered like a sow, and Im pretty sure Alison was thinking and feeling the same.

Lisa stood back to admire her captured prey, very satisfied with herself. And I thought, “if that damned dart gun hadnt jammed, it would be HER hanging with Alison waiting for the knife”. Just then there was a sound in the underbrush near the lodge . . .

Even upside down I could see her eyes light up with caution, and some fear too. Was it an animal? There werent supposed to be any other people within miles of the place. Just as she began to turn around to try to see the source of the sound, her eyes went wide, and her mouth went into an “O” shape as she gasped out a surprised moan. Then she crumpled to her knees and fell forward, face down in the grass.

I could see the dart in her lovely ass . . . there was ANOTHER hunter in the woods. Then a woman stepped out of the forest and came over to admire Lisa. As the hunter looked up, I was shocked! I recognized her. It was my friend Debra. She looked over Alison and me appraisingly, and smiled. I knew then that I would be set free. Debra and I had been good friends for several years. We were both Dommes, and we had shared our subs often. She was a tough, nasty Domme . . . I was heartless and selfish, but Debra was much more so. Still, I knew our friendship would prevail. It would be so much fun for us to share Alison and Lisa, there might be a trophy for each of us. I was still drugged and motionless and mute, but I longed to say, “Debra, Im so, so glad to see you, now get me down now and we can have a great time with those two bitches”.

But, to my surprise, her smile became a bit twisted and became a smirk. She kept staring at Lisa, helpless on the ground, and at Alison and me, strung up like sows for the slaughter. She stepped over Lisas body, and came over to us. She “inspected” Alison, stroking and probing her long, firm body, and muttering, “very nice . . . very nice indeed”. The she walked over to me and did the same, but finished with her fingernail digging into one of my nipples and twisting hard enough to bring tears to my eyes. I still didnt understand . . . I thought she was having some fun being mean. Then she looked down at my face and said, “well Erica, I guess youre in a difficult spot now”. The look in her eyes wasnt playful at all, and my heart plunged into panic. “Oh no”, I thought, “no, NO”! She DID have a bit of a mean streak, so maybe she was just trying to scare me. If that was it she was doing a VERY good job of it. But deep down I felt she would just tease me for a while then let me go, and wed be laughing together. We had been such close friends for so long I knew she wouldnt really hurt me. Maybe those other 2, yes for sure them . . . but not me!

“Oh my”, said Debra, “you girls are in real trouble now, all 3 of you”. “Im going to take all of you into the lodge, and have you as my helpless fuck-toys for a day or 2 before I slaughter you”, she told us, smiling a twisted smile. “Oh, and no-one gets the antidote before youre strung up again on the butchering bar . . . just before . . . well, you know”, she said. “Until I get tired of playing with you, youll all be just like blow-up sex dolls . . . except REAL, and able to feel everything I do to you”, another smirk, then she turned to Lisa still lying motionless on the ground at her feet. She tied Lisas ankles tight with a length of rope and began dragging her into the lodge. Poor Lisas eyes darted around, and we could see the terror in them, this wasnt what she had planned. When she had rented the lodge from Debra, she had seemed so NICE, but now . . . ! Debra pulled her inside and after a few minutes came out again, lowered Alison to the ground, trussed up her ankles and dragged her inside too. Then it was my turn. I knew Debra, how cruel and selfish she could be, but I thought I was her friend, I thought I would always be safe from her . . . but NOW I knew differently. She tied my ankles tight together, and they hurt as she began to drag me into the lodge with the other two girls.

After Debra had dragged me into the lodge I saw that she already had Alison and Lisa tied over a bench in the living room. She dragged me over to the bench also, and bound me down facing the opposite direction from the other two girls. But before she threw me down across the bench I saw something on the wall that had not been there before. There were about 25 large plaques, the type that are used for mounting big game hunting trophies. And four of them were “occupied” . . . by beautiful female trophies. I thought I recognized one of the women there, someone I knew who supposedly moved away to another city, then I was sure it was her. The other three were strangers to me. Below the lovely heads were also displayed each womans pubic “scalp” attached to her vagina and anal opening. A couple of them were smooth and bare and a couple had nice, well-trimmed pubic hair on them. And from each trophy plaque there hung something that looked like a sort of flattish, elongated object.

Debra threw me over the bench and took one down for me to see up close, in the meantime I wasnt going anywhere, the drug would hold until the antidote was administered. She brought it up close and I could see it was a womans tongue, and it must have been cut out deep in her throat, down at the base. It must have been almost a foot long including the root thats normally down in the throat. Debra said to me, “theyre tongues made into vibrators sweetie, isnt that a nice idea”? My heart beat desperately, this would be worse than I thought. Then she took down one of the empty plaques and brought that over to show it to me. At the bottom it had a brass plate inscribed “Erica Bennett, July 1969 June 2014”. Tears started to creep from my eyes and dribble down my cheeks. She said to me, “See dear, in a way youll never get any older. And in a few days YOUR pretty head and “parts” will be up on my wall too. Then youll always be as beautiful as you are right now. And I have plaques for your two nice friends too, so youll all be together forever”. If I could have screamed or sobbed I would have, but all that happened was tears streaming down my face. Of course I knew what would happen the moment I saw that wall and those trophies of Debras, but hearing it from her and seeing “MY” plaque made it so much more real and immediate. I knew my life was to last only a few days at best, maybe only an hour or so! And in the meantime, all the suffering that Debra could inflict on us.

Then she put everything back on the wall and threw me down on the bench facing opposite my two friends. So on one side of the bench was a lineup of Lisas pussy and ass, my mouth and then Alisons pussy and ass. Then on the other side was Alisons mouth, my pussy and ass and then Lisas mouth. Debra strapped on a huge dildo and I knew she was going to “make the rounds” until she got tired or bored. And then what, I wondered?

It seemed to go on forever. And she kept changing the dildos she used in her strap-on, using larger and larger ones with each “round” she made with the three of us. When Debra was finally finished with us I saw her standing there wearing the last dildo she had used on us. She was panting with exertion and absolutely dripping with perspiration . . . and she looked beautiful to me. But I was beyond sore! The last dildo she used must have been 18 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. When she throat-fucked us it must have reached into our bellies, and my throat was in agony from the thrusting friction. And both of my rear-end holes were throbbing in pain. I felt as if I were ripped open inside, I probably WAS, Im sure Debra didnt care in the least. I felt a trickle of something wet slowly dripping my inner thigh, blood, I wondered? Or had I orgasmed as I was being abused and raped? I couldnt see the other 2 girls but we were laid out side-by-side, pressed together, and I could feel an occasional shudder or spasm run through both Alison and Lisa from time to time. I must have been doing the same.

Debra said as she stood over our helpless, inert bodies, “Id love to play with you 3 bitches for weeks here, but I really cant . . . I have some new guests coming in 2 weeks and the place needs to be ready”. AND, she said smiling”, I want those 3 pretty heads up on the wall for them to see, and those 3 nice tongues of yours made into vibrators for us to enjoy”! “I wonder who has the longest tongue”, she said laughing. “And then whats left of you lovely creatures will provide plenty of meat for my next guests”, she said, giving the meat of my thigh a good squeeze. So tomorrow morning would be it for us! It had been horrible, but I didnt want to die! I felt like sobbing or pleading with her, but of course I couldnt . . . none of us really could. But I felt tears start to stream down my upturned face, blurring Debras smile. I felt slight shuddering from Alison and Lisa pressed against each side of me, and I was sure they were doing the same, crying as best we all could. I dont think anyone would blame us, we all heard the same thing. Yes we “knew” before, but somehow hearing it spoken aloud made it more real. I felt especially bitter since I had planned for it to be ME who bagged Alison and Lisa and put their lovely heads up on that wall. Now Id be joining them!

The lights went out and eventually I fell asleep. I suppose the other 2 did as well. But it seemed that almost immediately we were awakened by Debra. She slapped us smartly and said, “rise and shine bitches . . . time to get this over with”! I saw her grab Alisons ankles and start to drag her out of the lodge. Poor Alisons eyes were wide open and rolling around in fright, but there was absolutely nothing she could do except be dragged outside. After about 10 minutes Debra came back in and dragged Lisa out and she had the same wide-eyed, fearful reaction that Alison had. Another 10 minutes and she came back in for me. By then I had started to hear cursing and shouting outside and I guessed that once Debra had the girls helpless she had administered the antidote to our paralysis. Then she started to drag me towards the door, and I was as frightened as the other 2 must be. How many minutes did each of us have left to live? Not many!

There was a sturdy steel frame set up beside the lodge. It was the slaughtering area for hunted game. There were several hoists suspended from the steel I-beam that crossed the two uprights. As I was dragged to that area I could see Alison and Lisa struggling and screaming . . . but in total futility, since they had been hoisted up by their ankles and their legs were spread very wide apart. Their arms were still tightly bound behind them at the wrists and elbows, so their arms were of no use in their struggles. Debra must have given them the antidote to the paralyzing drug we had all been injected with. They both squirmed and fought wildly, screaming and cursing the entire time. They were a lovely sight and even in my sorry state I was aroused by their flexing and tensing muscles, their twisting bodies, perspiration streaming down those sleek bodies. Beautiful, I thought, even as I knew I would be joining them in a moment, and would be just as angry, frightened and desperate as they both were. And soon after that . . .

I was lost in some sort of haze, just taking in the scene, the beauty of my 2 friends hanging there, struggling and so very helpless. But as I was finally dragged under that beam myself and felt Debra tightening ropes one at a time around my ankles, reality came to me. My heart started pounding and tears started to run from my eyes. Oh my God, this was IT!!!

I heard the whirr of the winch motors and I felt my legs being slowly pulled upwards and apart. My torso and head dragged along the ground until they were finally lifted into the air. I had seen how wide Alisons and Lisas legs were spread apart, but now I felt it myself. It HURT! The tendons and muscles of my inner thighs were stretched tight and the ropes around my ankles cut into my skin. Then I felt a sharp jab deep into my butt. It was a long needle that I recognized, I had used it on others at times. Debra had given me the antidote and in a few seconds I would be able to move again, not that I would be moving far. I gasped for breath, I began to breathe deeply. And I swiveled my head and twisted my body around so I could see everything around me, although it was an “upside-down” view of the world. I didnt even think to speak at first, forgetting that I could. But I heard Alison and Lisa alright, they were frightened, angry and loud! But there was no one within miles to hear them.

As I looked around I saw again the butcher block table I gad seen only yesterday evening. Now there were a variety of tools and instruments hanging from the side of it, and several stainless steel containers of various sizes nearby, and some large plastic “tote-box” containers with lids. There were a couple of saws, some large bone-cutting shears, a selection of knives, some I thought were surgical scalpels and other things I didnt recognize, but they ALL looked vicious. It was horrifying, it told me things I didnt want to know. I felt like screaming but didnt have it in me. I only whimpered piteously and felt the tears stream down my inverted face. I turned away from that awful sight and looked at my 2 friends. I didnt really want to see what would happen to them, but I was mesmerized, couldnt turn away.

Alison was frightened and was begging Debra to let her go, promising anything, as if Debra would care. And then she twisted around and saw me hanging there and screamed, “this is all YOUR fault Erica you bitch, if it werent for you none of us would be here now, I hope you suffer”! Then reassumed begging Debra, “please . . . PLEASE, dont oh God please dont do this to me, do Erica first anyway, please”! Lisa was frightened but angry as well and was cursing and threatening, “damn you, if I can get out of this youll see what I do to you, damn you”! Debra only smiled at this empty threat. She wasnt wasting time this morning, she moved a large stainless steel pot underneath Alison. When Alison saw that she was even more terrified, she knew why it was placed there. Debra moved behind her now holding a large steel hook with a large ball at the short end and a loop at the long end. Alison screamed as Debra roughly jammed the ball deep into Alisons ass. Then she gathered up Alisons beautiful long, dark hair and knotted it into a tight ponytail at the top of her head. She took a length of rope and tied it tight around the ponytail, and then threaded the other end through the loop in the hook that was buried in Alisons lush ass. Debra put a knee into Alisons back and pulled her head up and back hard enough to stop her screaming and make her grunt with pained surprise, then she quickly tied it tightly to the loop.

Alisons head was now pulled sharply back, her lovely throat arched and helplessly exposed. Now Alison was in such a panic she just started to scream and wail gibberish, not words any more, words were frightened out of her. She knew she had only minutes, perhaps seconds left to live. My heart thudded with the horror it must have been for her, that knowing. In a moment Debra was beside her with a long, thin knife. Without hesitation she placed it against Alisons ripe exposed throat and sliced hard and deep. I heard a scraping sound and realized her throat had been cut all the way through to her spine. Her last shrill screech became a bubbling, gurgling sound, impossible to describe and so, so horrible to hear. I knew that I would make that sound too! I stared, fascinated as her bright red blood flooded out into the pot. It was like a faucet had been turned on, the rapid flow. I stared in horror at her, and I knew Lisa must have been as well, no one was speaking or screaming now. I watched in fascinated horror as poor Alisons body shuddered and twitched in her death throes. Debra stood by patiently, her hand stroking Alisons shuddering thigh. Finally Alison was motionless, and her last blood was only an occasional drop falling into the pot.

Lisa and I watch in horror, shocked into silence. Now Debra takes a different knife, a smaller one with a long, thin blade and goes back to poor Alison. I watch as she cuts around Alisons pretty, well-trimmed “pussy scalp”, cutting deep around the outside of the vagina and the ass hole, then peeling the “scalp” skin off. Poor Alisons sex has been taken away from her . . . but she neither knows nor cares. Then that trophy is tossed into a bowl on the table. Now Debra takes a saw and goes behind Alison and saws through her spine. All the throat flesh had been sliced clear through, so with this Alisons head is separated from her body. Debra places her head on the table and I see her expressionless face, mouth slack, eyes staring into nowhere. Then Debra takes a pair of pliers and grasps the end of Alisons tongue and stretches it out as far as it will go, then cutting deep in her throat, at the root of the tongue with that same slim blade she cuts and pulls her tongue free. Holding it up with the pliers she tosses it into the bowl on top of the other “trophy”. Alisons tongue looked as if it were at least a foot long. Yes, it had been cut out deep in her throat, but still. I wondered momentarily if MY tongue was that ling, but I quickly banished THAT thought. Alisons severed head sat there on the table, empty eyes staring, mouth open and slack . . . and now smeared and dripping blood. I looked again at Alisons beautiful now lifeless body, stripped in a way of those desirable trophy parts. She was just a carcass now, only meat. But immediately Debra turned her attention to Lisa.

Lisa had been stunned into silence by what we saw happening to Alison, just as I was. But now she started up again. First cursing and threatening Debra, but then as she felt her hair knotted into that useful ponytail, the hook and ball forced deep into her rear, and her head pulled and tied back to expose her slim, tender throat, she too started to beg and plead. I could still only sob and whimper. What use would it be to say anything? None I knew. And I hoped I could meet my awful fate with more dignity that Alison had and Lisa now, but I knew I couldnt. I knew that as the knife approached my vulnerable throat I too would plead desperately to be spared. I knew it would be futile, but I also knew I would do it anyway, and I felt ashamed.

Now I watched that same awful process repeated on Lisa, just as horrifying as it had been with Alison. And the container of Alisons drained blood was moved over under Lisa. Their blood would mix and mingle. And later, mine too I supposed. But finally it was over, Debra was finished with Lisa too. Now her carcass hung there next to Alisons, her pretty head was sitting on the table next to Alisons, both of the staring into the void, pretty, sweet-lipped mouths slack and dripping blood. And her pussy and holes, and her tongue were in the bowl mingled with Alisons. And I realized what was next, mine would join them in that bowl soon too. My heart thudded as desperately as a frightened animals . . . and I suppose thats exactly what I was, wasnt I? As I felt Debra knotting my long, blonde hair into that deadly ponytail, my whining and whimpering became that same desperate pleading I had despised when the other two had done it. I didnt want to beg this way but I couldnt stop myself. “Oh please Debra, please . . . remember how we used to be such good friends, please dont . . .” Then she knelt down and gave me a sweet, deep kiss. Looking me in the eye she said, thats right darling, you were my very BEST friend . . . thats what makes this so wonderfully exciting, youll be my very favorite trophy Erica dear”. That was it, she stood up and continued . . .

I screamed as the ball of the hook was forced into my rear, it was bigger than it had seemed. Then my ponytail pulled and tied back, just like the others. Now I was insane with terror, begging and pleading mindlessly. Then I felt it . . . the blade run through my throat with a sudden, intense sharpness of pain, and my futile pleas became that same horrible bubbling, gurgling sound. I felt now what I had seen before, my helpless body twitching and spasming as my life drained away. And I saw it running bright red into that same pot, mingling with Alisons and Lisas. There was something exciting about it, perversely “romantic” in a warped way, to my deranged mind. I needed air, my mouth gaped and gasped like a fish on dry land, but there was no air, why? I wanted to run away but my body wouldnt respond to anything I wanted it to do. I could FEEL it, my muscles shuddering and tensing, but they seemed to be acting on their own. It was hard to understand what was happening . . . I was somewhere . . . but where? So . . . slowly my life drained and twitched away and finally merciful blackness came for me . . .


Afterward . . .

Ericas head and her tongue and trophy parts soon joined those of Alison and Lisa. Those three lovely, strong, vital women who just such a short time ago had been preparing to enjoy a wonderful time together were now simply cooling carcasses. Meat! Debra continued her work. She sawed each of the carcasses into quarters, just like livestock. There was a big walk-in cooler behind the lodge and Debra carried each lovely, meaty quarter there and hung them by wrist or ankle. They would cool and age there for 3 days and a butcher was scheduled to arrive then and finish making the girls into cuts of meat. Steaks, roasts, chops, ribs, some parts ground into sausage. And later that day Debra took her trophies to a female taxidermist she knew who was happy to prepare women as trophies for her.

Later, several days, the newest guests arrived. Debra entertained them with a wonderful meal, some tender, succulent meat they had never tasted before. And they were impressed with the trophies, now seven altogether on the walls of the lodge. They had a wonderful weekend together, but then it had to end, as all things must.

Do you wonder . . . whatever DID happen to those guests after their visit . . . ???

NOT to be continued!

Review This Story || Author: Erica Bennet
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