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Please read the following important rules before you submit a story:

  1. You must be the author of the story. Please do not send stories written by others, or based on other stories without explicit permission from original author.
  2. We do not accept very short story. The minimum length of the story text is 10,000 characters (not the size of story file, e.g. the file created by MS-Word is much larger than the actual story length).
  3. Please check the spelling before send the story! Microsoft Word and other similar software (including the free software OpenOffice) can do the spelling check job very well.
  4. Please make sure your story does NOT contain the word "B_A_R_D_E_X" without the underscores due to legal reason (the underscores are used to avoid the word been indexed by search engine, and I certainly have no intention to advertise that company this way).
  5. All subjects in the stories are at least 18 years old or oldrer
  6. You retain the copyright of the story but grant the site non exclusive posting rights when we publish your story
  7. For more information on how Stories are published Please go to this link--


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If you have trouble with the story submission form, you can email your story to webmaster with the following information:

New Story:

story title (required)
short synopsis for the story (required)
your author's name and email (required)
author's homepage and self introduction (recommended for new author)
story codes (see list of codes here) (required)
attach story file (required)

Existing Story:

story title (required)
your author's name and email (required)
attach story file (required)
please send the new/updated chapter(s) only. please explain if this is updating existing chapters, or adding new chapters, or both

please do NOT include other story information unless you want to update it (e.g. author's email, self introduction, story synopsis, codes, etc.)

Email to:


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